Ducks 'n a Row: Video Advice from the FlyLady

27 October 2010

Video Advice from the FlyLady

A blast from the past...revisiting an article to inspire us to move into a higher place of GETTING ORGANIZED!

Today was a decluttering day for me!
27-Fling Boogie in the most cluttered room in the house and, voila! You can actually walk into the room danger-free! (i.e. nothing will fall on you and the floors are bare!)

Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words so, go to my article on and scroll to the bottom for a great article with video featuring Marla Cilley (the Flylady)

(For those who read the article, too...Thanks!)

Five Minutes to a Clutter Free Home

Getting all of our ducks 'n a row!
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