Ducks 'n a Row: Welcome to Ducks in a Row!

01 July 2010

Welcome to Ducks in a Row!

By Sinea Pies
Welcome to an adventure in learning!
  • Learning to optimize your time--nothing wasted unless YOU want to.
  • Learning to love being organized.
  • Learning to trust God and love life!
The first of many lessons will be: trusting that little steps, repeated over and over again, can lead to BIG results. Marla Cilley, the FlyLady, calls it "Baby Steps". Don't expect to become a champion at long distance running on your very first day. Here a little, there a little. Start out small with a goal to reach.

Just make the commitment, and go for it! I'll be here to encourage you and share some wisdom as we go along! It may look like a mess right now but, eventually, you'll have all of your "ducks in a row"! 
Be blessed!

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