16 October 2010

Let's Move March!

By Sinea Pies

Today I went to my favorite store...the Calkins Rd. Wegmans.  That's MY Wegmans, mind you.  I will let you shop there, because it would be lonely without you, but just remember it's mine.

So, I was happily considering buying Snickers Snack Size Bars, since last year at this time I couldn't face the October 31st candy-rush and waited too long to buy it. All the good stuff was gone. 

As I was looking for the candy display, lo and behold --right in the middle of my store was the biggest, brightest display of Christmas trees ever seen in October.    Let this sink in: it is just mid-October.

A little bit stressed, I had to dodge around it. Christmas?  Gifts?  Baking?  How would I do it this year?  Who will be there?  Who do I wish would be there that might not be there?  How will I pay for it? 

Then, I got a grip.  The leaves are still on the trees.  (Look out the window, if you don't believe me.)  It is mid-OCTOBER!  Even knowing that, I still couldn't go down that aisle.

Does Christmas take you by surprise too? 

Heavens to Betsy, my summer clothes aren't  all put away.  

So, last night as I was watching my baseball team, the Yankees, pull the most amazing comeback of the playoffs. (The Yankees are my baseball team but you can watch them, too, if you'd like. It'd be lonely without you.)  Anyhow, I came up with the most BRILLIANT IDEA!

Let's move March!  You've got it.  All we need is one extra month before November.  Then we'd be ready!

It's like Daylight Savings Time. If we can change time, we can change the calendar.  Moving it should be an easy thing to do. So, we put in a request to Congress, or somebody, and petition them to move March to the slot between October and November.  

March is the perfect month to move.  It's a long one with few major events to plan -- or pay for.  Oh, some people celebrate St. Patrick's Day--and that's OK, it'll still be there--but most of us don't spend big bucks on it. 

And moving it would buy us time so that we could be more emotionally and financially ready for the holidays.

When we move it, people with March birthdays would have an option.  They could either keep their birthday in "moved-March" or they can celebrate it in April on the day that they were born. 

(i.e A March 15 birthday gets celebrated on April 15.  Which is Tax Day, so that may not be a good example.  More stress.  Forget that I mentioned Tax Day.) That's a little complicated so I advise celebrating your birthday in "moved-March".  If we act fast, you'll have your birthday again really soon!

(Another plus for moving March:  it puts off this year's Election Day, allowing the candidates a greater opportunity to drop out of the race! LOL!)

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