Ducks 'n a Row: Time For You To Consider Doodymaster

14 October 2010

Time For You To Consider Doodymaster

By Sinea Pies
When autumn arrives and it gets dark earlier, it's time for me to put in another plug for you to consider trying Doodymaster
yellow labs, Labrador Retriever, dog, puppy

This little gal will grow real big, real soon.
Owners of big dogs, especially, will understand what I mean.  Poop scooping, which is a necessity but absolutely NO FUN, requires time and light. 

I love a clean lawn but I don't want to come home from work and grab a flashlight to try to find the poop to clean it up. Not my favorite way to end the day. Even in spring and summer, I'd much rather not have to do it myself.

Plus, anyone with trees that shed their leaves knows that in the fall everything on that lawn will start to look alike.  Where's the poop?  Oh, it's out there somewhere but try to find it
Labrador retrievers, lab puppy, dogs
Our Lexi with little Sadie.

Then there's the winter.  Winter is how I finally found Doodymaster.  Our dog, Blondie (a beautiful big English yellow lab) was a big pooping machine!  I used to think "If there only was someone who wanted to buy this stuff. I'd be rich!". 

Anyhow, we had a particularly hard winter.  Layer upon layer of snow.  For the time being it was great.  She'd go out and do her business, then it'd snow and "voila" poop!  Yeah, right.  Then came the spring thaw.  The lawn became an historical record of "all that had gone before".  Thank the Lord that, at just the right time, we heard about Doodymaster.  We called them and they came to the rescue.  Do you need rescued too?

For more about their company, read "Five Reasons You Don't Poop Scoopand visit their website:  Doodymaster

Are you a DOG LOVER?  There is no hiding it, dog lover that I am, Labrador Retrievers--especially yellow labs-- are my all-time favorite dogs! 
More about Labrador Retrievers here.

Labrador Retrievers, dogs

Lexi and Troy
Lexi is an English Yellow Lab.   Troy is an American Yellow Lab

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