Ducks 'n a Row: 7 Great Organizing Tips so far...let's review!

12 January 2011

7 Great Organizing Tips so far...let's review!

We’ve had 7 of the 
31 Greatest Organizing Tips for a New Year so far.   

Here’s a recap for those who may have missed a few.

Tip #1 Shine Your Sink

Tip #2 Use a Timer

Tip #3 Make a List

Tip #4 Get Tomorrow Ready, Today

Tip #5 The Morning Routine

Tip #6 Be on the Alert   

Tip #7 Cart it, Don’t Carry It  

There are lots of great tips coming to you but DO YOU HAVE ANY?  What is the best thing you have learned to do to be on top of things?  Share it with us here in the "comments" section!  We want to know.  Also, "Like" this article and share it with your Facebook friends!

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