Ducks 'n a Row: Organize Your Computer

04 November 2011

Organize Your Computer

By Sinea Pies by Ambro

Is your computer desktop cluttered?  Yes, even your computer can get disorganized. 

Especially if you're in the habit of storing documents on the desktop so that you can "easily" find them, after a while it will look like a document wind-storm has hit it. If your desktop is an icon-mess--time to clean it up!

Take 15-30 minutes once (or twice) per week to do some rearranging and tossing out until it is orderly and easy to use. 

Set your timer so that you don't get carried away. When it rings, STOP! You can do more another day. 

Start by sorting, storing and eliminating your desktop icons...just like any other decluttering job. The goal is to create efficiency and save time in the future.

NOTE: Be careful that you do NOT delete anything that is important. After your Computer Decluttering Party is over, examine the contents of your recycle-bin before emptying it.  Retrieve anything accidentally deleted that you may need. Then, say goodbye to the rest! 

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