Ducks 'n a Row: Get Your Papers Under Control

18 March 2011

Get Your Papers Under Control

By Sinea Pies
Paper, paper, what to do with all that PAPER! Though many are going as paperless as possible, it is almost inescapable that some paper will need to be kept, somewhere, somehow!  But how?
stack of files, stack of binders, organize papers Ducks 'n a RowThree-ring binders may be a good choice for you. Just clear some bookshelf space, or even a shelf inside a cupboard, that’s where you’ll keep them. Buy binders, dividers with tabs and clear plastic sleeve protectors. Keep a three hole punch at your side!
Colors are important. The neater the overall look, the better. Group the same colors together. It may be tempting to mix it all up but the color jumble can be exhausting to look at.
Select colors that compliment the rest of your décor. Even if the binders are closed in a cupboard, your genius will show when an unsuspecting guest gets a surprise glimpse of the color coordinated INTERIOR of the cupboard! Wow!
Use Colors as a Code:

WHITE or BLACK binders would be for more sensitive matters such as your annual tax returns, legal papers, insurance records, medical records, immunizations and physicals for your kids and vet records for your pets.
Keep them all in one place on the shelf for a neat, continuous look.
BLUE (or whatever color you like) for the adults in the family: RECIPES, business related information, appliance manuals, warranties & product related information, sports card collections, coin or stamps collections, etc.
MULTI COLORS for the kids & pets: pick them to go with your décor but each child gets his/her own color. The neon colors are very popular. Three kids? Lime green, bright pink, bright orange.
Keep their art work, writing samples, report cards, awards certificates.
Binders can also be used for crafts, photo albums, or birthdays!
KEEP A BIRTHDAY BINDER: If you have a large family or lots of close friends, a birthday binder is just the thing. Include a master calendar with everyone’s birthdays and other special days recorded. Keep notes on what you gave them in previous years, including graduations, weddings, etc. You may even want to record some of their special likes such as what kind of foods and desserts they are especially fond of. Use your scrap booking talents and have fun. That’s what birthday celebrations are all about!
There are many places where you can purchase binders at a good price, especially during the back-to-school sale season.  If you’re in a hurry and  one-stop shopping is all that will do, your grocery store probably sells them, too.
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Three Colorful Files by Stuart Miles on Freedigital Photos
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