Ducks 'n a Row: My Guest Spot on "Grocery Shrink"

26 April 2011

My Guest Spot on "Grocery Shrink"

Angela Coffman is a multi-talented stay-at-home-mom.  You mean she doesn't work?  Oh, she works alright.  She has two very successful blogs, sells Mary Kay products, is a wife, mother of five and about to give birth to their sixth child this week.  
This woman is working!
And what a wonderful person she is.   While she is busy having her baby,I have been blessed by being invited to guest post on her blog this week and I am thrilled with the opportunity to help her out.  

We would both love it if you would take the time today to stop by her site to read my post "How to Organize a Kitchen Drawer in 10 Minutes or Less"

Angela is fondly known as the "Grocery Shrink" and her ability to train others on how to trim back their spending comes from personal experience.  She and her husband, Darren, were plagued by their financial condition. $89,000 in debt, they longed to be debt-free.  So they got very, very serious about.  Trimming their grocery spending alone to a mere $185.00 per month (at that time a they were a family of 5) and cutting back in a multitude of other areas, they were able to steadily pay off their bills to finally achieve debt-free status within 6 months. In fact, they did more than that.  They built an emergency fund and had $40,000 left over to put toward buying a house.  Wow!

Angela's fame has opened the door for two recent guest appearances on the 700 Club. Here are the links to those segments:  clip #1 and clip #2.  When you watch the second clip, you'll learn how she creates her own, safe cleaning products for a fraction of the cost of their commercial counterparts. 
For Angela's Homemade Cleaning Products recipes, along with their complete debt-conquering success story, go to her homepage (after you read my post...hint, hint) and sign up for her newsletter at Grocery Shrink.  
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