Ducks 'n a Row: Preparing for the Rest of the School Year

15 April 2011

Preparing for the Rest of the School Year

Have you noticed that as soon as children return to school following winter break that the speed of time increases exponentially?  One blink and it's summer vacation!

This two-part post is created to help you get a handle on the remainder of the school year.  Grab your yearly calendar, a copy of your child's school calendar and your personal planner.  Start marking down key dates that need to be remembered. Include Teacher Appreciation Day.

National Teacher Appreciation Day this year is Tuesday May 3rd.  This is one of those celebrations that can get lost in the mix.  Easter, Mother's Day, weddings and graduations all take center stage.  Teacher Appreciation can be overlooked.  So, write it down on your to-do-list today.  

How to bless a teacher:  Send a kind note, or a flower from your garden.  
Give the teacher a gift card to: Dunkin' Donuts, Amazon,  movie tickets, restaurants or a favorite store.
Note: Teachers who have been teachers very long have lots of coffee mugs, which they love, but they do have a lot of them.  Try something different?

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