Ducks 'n a Row: Death: Something You Don't Plan For

29 May 2011

Death: Something You Don't Plan For

Lily of the Valley
My Mom's Favorite Flower

By Sinea Pies
We lost my husband's mom this week.  My mother died just three months earlier, in February.  In both instances, we knew it would come sometime, and probably soon.  Each time, it still came by surprise.  There are just some things that you can't plan for.  Death is one of them.

Life's interruptions can be big or small. Death?  I would call losing our moms big. There is not just the initial shock and emotional adjustment but there are plans to be made. Burial sites, planning the funeral service, flowers to select, pall bearers to pick, family and friends to contact, an obituary to write.  Where will everyone meet afterward? Who will provide the food? An endless number of decisions in such a short period of time.

Lillian (my other mom), myself and my husband Steve
Then there is "remembering".  We have a lot of good memories of both moms, so that part was a pleasure. And all of the rest of us being together. That was another wonderful part of a very difficult time. 

My family spent time remembering how our mom brought so much laughter into our lives.  My mother-in-law enjoyed life, too.  She loved her kids and was a "world traveler" almost up to the very end.  We all had fun sharing lots of stories.

Both moms were born in May of 1925. They came into this world right before the big Stock Market Crash of 1929 and lived through the Depression, World War II, the Korean Conflict, the times of Elvis Presley, the Hippies and Vietnam War, and on and on. Both of their husbands served in the armed forces in World War II.  My father in law fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

My mother, Johnsine, passed away in February 2011.  My husband's mom, Lillian, departed this week in May 2011.  Both will be missed so very much!
Margaret (Magoo), myself and Johnsine (my mom)
I had such a great relationship with my grandmother (I called her "Magoo" as did my brother, Seth) and with my mom.  What a blessing!  

You know, I was thinking about this:  Do you want the last words about you to be "Here lies so-and-so. Oh, could she organize!" ?  Me, neither! There's more to life than an orderly house!

With all the things we may want to have or to become, the people in our lives are what really counts. First of all God. Then family, friends, acquaintances. (And next, dogs, of course!)

Thanks for letting me take the time to share a little bit. Have you lost somebody that you love?  Feel free to share your thoughts and fond memories with us here.

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