10 December 2011

How to Speed Clean a Room

By Sinea Pies

Company's coming and you're caught off guard?  

Speed clean that room in no time.  
Put on a good pair of sneakers, grab your gear and let's go!
Put Your Valuables in a Basket

First, grab a laundry basket or two.

Next, gather your cleaning supplies: 

Make a quick plan:
  • Pick up stuff then
  • Start at the top
  • Work your way down
Put clutter that doesn't belong in the room in one laundry basket. Move it to an out-of-the-way location to be dealt with at another time.
Put nick nacks, picture frames, etc. in the other laundry basket, to move back into place in just a few minutes.

Dust mantels, TV's, lamps.  Anything up higher than the rest.
Move to table tops, next.  Dusting all the way.

Using Pledge for wood, Windex for glass, polish and shine the furniture tops.  This is speed cleaning so do the parts that people will see. Save the rest for when you have more time!

Now, vacuum the rug.  You are DONE!  Ding dong.  Company's here and you're ready!

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