Ducks 'n a Row: Be Organized? Why?

14 June 2011

Be Organized? Why?

Why live an organized life? A big reason: the atmosphere it creates opens doors of inspiration and opportunity. Simply put: it frees you up to pay attention to other things! Your environment is clutter free and hazard free.

Visually, it is pleasing to the eye. Emotionally, it feels good. You know where all of your stuff is and it is OK for anyone to just drop in. In fact, it looks so good that you actually HOPE someone drops in! Being organized brings order to your universe and "all is well with the world".

So, when you are organized, what will those other things you can concentrate on be? They should be the things that put the "WOW FACTOR" into your life! Maybe a hobby you always wanted to pursue, Maybe a life-long ambition. Perhaps more time with family and friends. Whatever it is, you'll get energy just thinking about it!

Motivational speaker Brian Klemmer says in his book "If How-To's Were Enough, We Would All Be SKINNY, RICH & HAPPYthat you need to find a vision and define the WHY behind your goals. He encourages the reader to start on their biggest goal now, even if you aren't sure that it is the right one. He points out that it is easier to guide a ship that is moving than one that refuses to leave the dock! So, his strong advice is: get started NOW!

Steps to your dream:
  1. Clear the clutter and get organized. (Do not strive for perfection. It will slow you down)
  2. Apply your new-found time to your biggest goal
  3. Search for the "WHY". Get quiet and pray. You need to know the purpose behind what you are about to do.
What is the WHY? According to Klemmer, it is "the fuel that powers your goals and meaning to your accomplishments." i.e. When it is a "God idea", you'll climb Mt. Everest to make it happen! (And climbing Mr. Everest ain't easy!)

So, if you thought you were enjoying life already...clear the clutter, take a look at the extra time you've just gained and get going with enjoying that dream! It will take your life to a whole new level!
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