Ducks 'n a Row: The Great Greeting Card Giveaway

08 July 2011

The Great Greeting Card Giveaway

Don't you love greeting cards?  I love giving them.  I love getting them.  I love buying a really good price, of course!  :)  How about getting them for FREE!  Enter Ducks 'n a Row's Great Greeting Card Giveaway and you may be the winner of an assortment of new greeting cards, absolutely free.

To tell you the truth, I was given these cards by my dear dad.  He had quite a collection of all kinds of cards, some very nice ones, and no place to send them.  I think several of us in the family may have received the same very cute birthday card with a fluffy puppy on the front...maybe even more than once!  

Anyhow, I took them off his hands thinking I would use them, eventually.  But how do you properly store them, let alone use them?  After several years, they won't look new anymore.  Plus, the same people he sent the "Fluffy Puppy" card to are also my relatives and I'd probably send them the very same thing!
Greeting Card Giveaway!

Then, I thought of you.  We all love getting practical things that we will use --especially when they're FREE.  And I deeply want to build my readership with more great people like you, and your friends, who all like what Ducks 'n a Row is all about. So...that's when I came up with the giveaway.  

For the next four weeks we will take entries.  You will receive one entry for doing each thing listed below.  (Only U.S. residents--our apologies to our many friends around the globe!)
Starts Saturday July 9, 2011 and ends Saturday August 6, 2011

When you do these things, please email me at to let me know.   In the subject line write "Greeting Card Giveaway" so that I'm sure to find it.  I WILL RESPOND.  If you don't hear back from me within 48 hours, re-send it!

This is going to be done the old fashioned way.  Each entry will be written out on a plain white card. So, you do 7 things, you'll be entered 7 times! (Seven is the limit! I'll get tired of writing your name! LOL) The entries will all be put in a basket and the winners drawn. I will then email the winners and announce their names on my site. 

There will be 2 recipients of card packages of a variety of 30 or more greeting cards each. The package of greeting cards will be mailed to the winners.  Simple!

What do you have to do?
You will receive one entry per item for doing each of the following things.
  1. --become a follower on Ducks 'n a Row (found on our homepage)
  2. --subscribe by email to Ducks 'n a Row (found on our homepage)
  3. --"like" my Ducks 'n a Row Facebook Fanpage
  4. --follow me on Twitter
  5. --follow me on Hubpages
  6. --"like" this post
  7. --"like" my most popular post "How to Speed Clean a Room"
So, you can get up to 7 entries right there.  If you already have done some of the above, find an additional post or two that you really like on this site or my Hubpages site and "like" them.  Let me know that that's what you did!
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