Ducks 'n a Row: Simple Lovely Living

25 July 2011

Simple Lovely Living

Instead of "Simple Lovely Living" perhaps this post should be called "Living Like Martha".  There is something so casual and warm about Martha Stewart that living like her, in some small way, seems possible.  It does not require a lot of money.  It does require a love for life and for pretty surroundings.

Check out her Martha Stewart Living website and enjoy the beautiful photo montage of what Martha loves to have in her the flowers in this perfectly decorated dining room. much of it probably did cost a pretty penny but she didn't start out that way.

In fact, since we are dedicating Mondays to the inspiring Martha Stewart, I decided it was time for me to read her biography.  Being Martha was written by her friend, Lloyd Allen, who has known her for over 30 years. When the media began to rip her apart and basically "have her for lunch" during the unfortunate period of her life, it grieved him to think that the wonderful attributes of this woman were being overlooked...trashed and forgotten.  So, he set himself to tell the whole story about Martha Stewart.  I've only just started reading it but, so far, I love this book!

Did you know that she started out as a fashion model, then stock broker, and in a heartfelt desire to be at home and do what she was created to do--homemaking--she quit her day job. As a SAHM, she started a catering business from her house and hired other moms who also wanted to stay at home, but needed an income to support their families, to help.  They would cook at home and bring the dishes to her for the catering events! Is that wonderful, or what!

Her charm and unending talent carried her into the spotlight as she shared her passion for simple, lovely living.  And she makes it so easy for us to learn how to do it for ourselves.

As I said, I have just started reading this fascinating book but can already say that I can recommend it to anyone who is curious to know more about Martha or who gets strength from true stories of real people who started humbly small and became a brilliant success!

Enjoy Martha Monday this week and, now, go pick some fresh flowers to put on your table!

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