Ducks 'n a Row: Simple Saturdays

15 July 2011

Simple Saturdays

By Sinea Pies

In a continuation of our "Simple Living" series, let's talk about Saturdays. 
A Simple Saturday!
For many of us, Saturday is the only day when we can get things done. If you are a parent who works outside of the home, or has a home-based business with similar time constraints, then Saturday may be the only available day of the week. 

Add to it family events--birthdays, graduations,  bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, baptisms, company picnics, and so forth--the weekends can be filled up without you having anything to say about it at all.  It's all good stuff, but it can be exhausting!

So, how to simplify? Getting a Simple Saturday really begins on Friday (or even earlier) It's all about planning.

First, tell your family that this Saturday is going to be different. No errands, no cleaning, nothing that looks like "work". In fact, you are NOT going ANYWHERE. You are staying at home and taking it easy. It's a "stay-cation". I love it!  Vacationing at home.
Second, filter out what is not a "must". Pretend that those particulars don't exist.
Now, make a list. Yes, checklists are your friend. Assign the essential chores to early-evening a few days prior to your big day off! 
So, what has to be done? Put it on your list!

  1. Laundry
  2. Grocery Shopping
  3. Errands: pet supplies, pharmaceuticals, get gas in the car, wash the car
  4. Wardrobe: must church, school or (in the summer) day-camp clothes be ready for Sunday and Monday? Don't wait till the weekend. Get them ready and in place before Saturday begins.
  5. Food: you don't want to spend your time preparing meals, unless it is your passion and something you've been wanting more time to do. Either get food ready before Saturday or save a few dollars to use for take out (or call for a pizza that will show up at the door).
  6. Entertainment: If you still bring in movie rentals, get your DVD's before Saturday arrives.
  7. Phone calls/emails: get it all out of the way ahead of time.  Make sure that everyone knows that you won't be available on the weekend and that's why you are calling today.  If the phone has been invading your life, tell them with kindness not to worry but you will be turning the phone off. You are having a Simple Saturday stay-cation!
Now that you're ready...enjoy a wonderful, SIMPLE day off!

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