Ducks 'n a Row: Simple Summers -- 12 Great Ideas on Vacations at Home

23 July 2011

Simple Summers -- 12 Great Ideas on Vacations at Home

Going away on a vacation not a possibility this year?  Staycations are becoming a popular substitute for the proverbial "Family Vacation" and Martha Stewart has 21 great suggestions on her site.

Before we go there for our Martha Monday post, Ducks 'n a Row has some of our own!

Backyard Carnival
Invite the neighborhood kids for a carnival right in your yard.  Set up areas for bean bag toss, fishing for toys in a wading pool, paint faces, have snacks.

Lemonade Stand
Set your kids up in business with an old-fashioned lemonade stand.  Depending on how business goes, you may want to match the results from your own pocketbook.

Rainy Days
Summer should always be sunny but sometimes its not.  On rainy days, get out the board games, have movies & popcorn or go outside for a romp in the rain!

Visit a Petting Zoo
Free petting zoos are lots of fun for the kids.  If you don't have a regular petting zoo in your neighborhood, keep your eye out for the county fair where similar opportunities are available.  Of course, you can always go to the "real" zoo, too.

Go Fishing
Do you have a fishing hole nearby?  A creek, pond or lake will do.  Bring your sunscreen, pole-hooks-bait, and for adults, your fishing license (most states require one) and have a great time outdoors.

Put on a Play
Do you have some young thespians in  your house. They could put on a play.  Invite their friends to take part, other siblings and parents can be their audience.

Water Day
Similar to the carnival, plan a backyard water day.
Family Picnic
Little League
Homemade Ice Cream
Bike Parade
Pet Competition
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