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28 July 2014

Amazing Hallway Organizer

Hallway Organizer from Martha Stewart #organizers #dropzone
Stenciled Hallway Organizer from

Isn't this organizing idea for the hallway a great one? I just love it!

Take a look at the teeny little bathing suit in the #4 slot. Adorable!

This is one of my favorite organizing ideas from 
Martha Stewart.

Each bin and hook is artfully labeled for a family member, ready to go to the beach and other outings!  

Things You'll Need:

Click here for the details
on How to Make a Stenciled Hallway Organizer

Back to School Idea: This technique is easily convertible into a "ready for school" system, as well.

Just swap out the beach towels for seasonal jackets.  Place gloves, lunch bag, show 'n tell items, to-do reminders, etc. inside.  Have the back pack conveniently nearby and stuff it as they go out the door. I think I would be looking for shelving to lay each back pack on--with stencil numbers, of course.

And, if I had my own bin, I might include the keys to the car, my glasses and, on any given day, a can of coffee to bring to work. (No coffee, no workee! LOL)

What would you do?  Do you have an organizing system that gets your family out the door, ready and on time?  Tell us about it!

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