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05 December 2011

Help Put Ducks 'n a Row on the Map

A holiday update--
My Dear Ducks n' a Row Friends,
Remember last August when I asked you to help me build up my readership? I was looking for a big boost in our Facebook Fanpage following plus followers for Ducks 'n a Row and subscribers, too. 

That is because Ducks 'n a Row could get approved by a very big, popular site--actually now TWO of them-- as one of their associate blogs. To get their approval is a really big deal! 

It didn't even make sense to attempt to move ahead with it, though, without a substantial increase in the number of Facebook Fans and Ducks ‘n a Row blog followers.  

After all, why would a BIG site that receives tens of thousands of visitors a day want to put their stamp of approval on a very tiny one?  
We're one of the little guys--but cute!
Let me start by saying "thank you so much" to all who are followers and fans! We started with 57 wonderful Facebook fans and 38 awesome followers at this first posting.  Even more readers have subscribed to receive posts via email and RSS feed.  That is a far cry from  just 15 months ago when we had three: my friend Nancy, Josh  (my son) and me. Yes, I was testing the system and became my own fan!  :) 
And some of you shouted out to your own FB fans and they came a runnin'! What a gift! (Special thanks to Dime at a Time and Coupon Coffee Shop) So we're patiently pressing on and someday soon we'll be able to take the next step and see how the approval process goes for those affiliations!

This may be the first time that you've heard of my "campaign". If you are not already one of our fans, will you help please? Go to the Ducks 'n a Row Facebook Fanpage and “like” it.

Do you know somebody who is interested in organizing tips, recipes, weight loss and nutrition, time management, money savings, parent & family, pets, decorating & crafts (we're going there) and the like? Spread the news and recommend our site.

With love,
Ducks n' a Row's Facebook Fanpage Progress Chart
Started with 57 fans at the time of posting.
Update August 9th 11:00 pm ---81 fans and counting!!! :)
Update August 14th 8:00 pm ---90 fans!  We have 90 FANS!
Update August 19th 1:30 pm ---96 fans! 4 to go to 100. I wonder who was #100? 
Update August 27th 9:00am -- 138 fabulous fans!  
Update September 25th --165 fans!  Yes!
Update December 2nd--242 fans!

New FB fan challenge. 500 fans by December 31? It's a stretch but that's what I'm believing for! Can't stop here. Gotta grow. 
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