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29 August 2011


Puppies! Don't you just love them? Today's "Martha Monday" post is dedicated to a topic that I absolute adore!  Dogs!

You know, Martha Stewart is known for her great decorating savvy, delicious recipes and desserts, flowers, cookbooks, magazines, wedding and event planning, television shows and magazines.  But did you know that she has a tremendous love for animals?  She even owns her own chickens!  Really.  She collects fresh eggs from her beloved hens every day.  Martha Stewart loves nature.  And now she has branched her business into pet supplies and everything that appeals to pet-fanciers.

She has a whole section on her website dedicated to pets, too.  The little cutie in the photo on this page is the winner of the Puppies 2011 Photo Contest featured on her website. Click on the link below the picture to go to her site and view all 46 of the top pix!  

"And the Winner Is...Me!"

Want to know just how much Martha loves pets?  She owns two French Bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, several Chow-Chows including a puppy named Ghenghis Khan (Hopefully the cute little furball is much better behaved than his namesake! Wait till you see him.  He's a little doll.), lovely cats and many barnyard animals whom she adores!  

Our Yellow Labs:  Lexi and Troy!  
How about you?  You a pet lover?  My passion is dogs.  We have two beautiful yellow labs in our household.  Lexi, a big English girl lab that we adopted, and our son's dog, Troy, a lovely American boy-lab!
Lexi and Troy tugging away at a soccer ball.  Wonder who will win?                                 Certainly not the ball!  LOL
How about you?  Do you own a pet? What kind?  Tell us about him/her!       (We have a gecko, too, named "Gecko".  How original!)

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