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12 September 2011

Chicken Recipes

If it's Monday, it's chicken! Yes, if you are like me, you can never have enough chicken recipes. Chicken has so many advantages. Chicken is cheaper. Chicken is healthier. Chicken is lighter. Chicken is cluckier! (Cluckier? Yes, cluckier!)                                                                                       
Hey, America really does love chicken! Any wonder that the Colonel did so well way back in 1940 when he introduced his fried chicken recipe with 11 special herbs and spices!  BTW, if you haven't tried Kentucky Fried Chicken's grilled chicken, it is a must do!  If you have to do takeout tonight, try it.  You just may find yourself kissing the original formula goodbye.  It's that good.

We recently shared a great Chicken with Artichoke Hearts on Angel Hair Pasta recipe from Martha Stewart. I've served it twice and we enjoyed it so much each time that it will be a regular in our household.

This week our best chicken recipe comes courtesy of Betty Crocker.  Interesting aside about Betty 1945, she was named by Fortune magazine as the second most popular American woman, bested by Eleanor Roosevelt at the number one spot.  Only thing is, Betty Crocker isn't a real person! She was the brainchild of Marjorie Child Husted, a home economist who created the Betty Crocker character. Now, that is marketing!
This quick chicken recipe from Betty Crocker is truly a 10-minute prep recipe that your family will love.  Since it is so easy and delicious, it will definitely have a return engagement in our kitchen as quick school-night cuisine. 

Mom, you just put it together the night before, cover and refrigerate. Whoever is at home at the right time the next day pops it in the oven at 325° --- 40 minutes before you roll in the door! Ten minutes more to prepare the sides and dinner is done!
Betty Crocker Creamy Chicken and Ham Bake
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup light sour cream
1 package chicken breast tenders (not breaded)
chopped ham (2-3 oz)
parsley flakes

Lay out the chicken tenders in a baking dish sprayed with cooking spray. Spread pieces of ham across the top of the chicken. Whisk together the cream of chicken soup and sour cream, ladle on top of the chicken.  Cover with foil and refrigerate until time to bake. Preheat oven at 325° Uncover chicken and bake for 1 hour.

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