Ducks 'n a Row: Organizing Junkie says "Purge Until It Fits"

28 September 2011

Organizing Junkie says "Purge Until It Fits"

Wonderful Wednesday has arrived with a SPOTLIGHT on one of my favorite websites, I'm an Organizing Junkie, a site dedicated to organizing and "the simplicity it brings".  

This particular spotlight features "Take Back Your Linen Closet"--a brilliant piece about organizing a space that can run away from the best of us!  Hope you enjoy it sure to visit Organizing Junkie, subscribe to  her site, like her FB fan page and leave a nice comment on her post saying that "Ducks 'n a Row sent you"!

This post is week #20 of Laura's 52 Weeks of Organizing:
"If you are new to 52 Weeks of Organizing, catch up here!
Week 20, whoot!  Are you hanging in there?
Today I decided I wanted to talk about the linen closet.  Whether your house has a big one or one that’s not so big, it’s often a neglected space.   Regardless of the size, is yours bursting at the seams?  This might be a good week to go through the PROCESS and tackle that area.
A couple of years ago I posted about how I organized my own linen closet and I encourage you to go on over and read how I followed the PROCESS myself.  I took my overstuffed closet from this:
to this:
Those pictures are from 2007 and in my old house.  Since then I have learned to downsize even more yet after looking at the state of my new linen closet I think it’s time for another overhaul.  I’ll have to do that this week also.
I think the majority of people have just way too many sets of sheets and towels.  The general rule I write about in my book, Clutter Rehab, is two sets of sheets and towels per person.  One set of sheets for the bed and one towel per person for the towel bar.  Then one for spare.  You may also want one set of each for guests along with a few blankets.  I find Space Bags to be especially convenient in the off season to help create additional space.
Remember to purge until it fits!
With some paring down and a little creativity perhaps you can use the extra storage space you uncover for other things looking for a home…craft supplies, a donation station, kid’s clothes to grow into, extra pantry space, etc.
I just have to show you what my sister did with her linen closet."  

Before you go,though, take a moment to consider how many blogs you found and enjoyed but never saw again.  
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