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19 September 2011

Tote Bags for Busy Moms
Babies have diaper bags. Students have back packs.  But what do busy moms have? Tote bags, purses, briefcases and satchels! And some have all of the above.

We've all had times when carting things around was so cumbersome that we had to do something about it.  Whether we opted for the plastic grocery bag or department store shopping bag leftover from the holidays, we've done it.  Some women have created some innovative-- and very fashionable-- ways to be efficient and have everything wherever they go.

Marie bought a bookbag, just like her teenage son has!  He's still not old enough to drive and the school he attends is halfway across town. She works there, often, as a volunteer.  

Leaving something at home is unthinkable with that kind of distance to travel--time lost and gas spent.  So, Marie has packed her backpack like she's going on a camping trip! She has snacks, water bottle, first aid supplies, books and magazines to catch up on her reading, a notepad, pens, cellphone...the works!  She's prepared! If her work is completed long before her boy is done, instead of driving home and back again, she has things to do right with her. It's brilliant!

Do you have a backpack or tote for your supplies?  What is it like?  If you don't, there are a couple of things you can do to get one.

Buy one:
Leather Women's Briefcase
Or get creative and MAKE one:
All you need is a pattern, great fabric that you love to look at, and a little time. (Oh yes, a sewing machine is helpful ,too!)
with FREE patterns for you to use.

I particularly like the one that she links to from Skip to My Lou.  It is a tutorial with photos: "How to Make a Simple Reversible Tote Bag".  Check it out!

Click for more beautiful TOTE BAGS.

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