Ducks 'n a Row: Crafts & Cookies--Making 'Em Count

17 October 2011

Crafts & Cookies--Making 'Em Count

Don't you just love pretty things? Wall decorations, nik naks, flowers, figurines.  We decorate our homes with them, give them as gifts, make extraordinary crafts and scrap book to build memories. We are creative, sensitive and giving.  We put our hearts in all we do.  

The Caring Collection
When I saw a piece about  making angels on MSNBC's Nightly News, I was so impressed that I had to know more about it. 

The story is all about Bobbie Burnett of Annapolis, MD. This woman's tender heart toward a friend in despair prompted her to make one, lovely angel (pictured here) to help her get through her battle with cancer.  It was meant to be a sweet reminder that she was not alone--angels were watching over her.  

But it didn't stop there. This first act of kindness was followed by another, and still another, until a small factory was born. 

The Caring Collection is an inspiring story of what one person can do.

Do you love to make crafts?
Or do you bake? 
Send greeting cards? 

What can you or your family do ...some little thing... to brighten someone else's day and give them hope? 

Here are some great craft, gift and recipe posts that may spark an idea. 
And don't forget that a hug, a prayer, a smile can do wonders, too!

Before you go...let's keep in touch! 
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