Ducks 'n a Row: How to Win

28 May 2012

How to Win

By Sinea Pies

Winning is fun. Winning is exciting! Winning is satisfying. We were created to WIN! Then, why are there so many areas of life where we fall short of victory? What's wrong with this picture?

Do you look at Mondays as a "start over day"? You know. It's almost like a New Year's resolution but, instead, it is the first-day-of-the-week resolution.  
It may look something like:
  • Eat right
  • Lose weight
  • Start an exercise plan
  • Make a budget
  • Stop spending money
  • Get out of debt
  • Be more generous
  • Be less selfish and more helpful
  • Get this place clean
  • Keep this place clean
  • Catch up with the paperwork... forever!
  • Make, and follow, a schedule
  • Spend more quality time with my family
  • Take better care of the dog...or cat
Do you have Monday resolutions that we can add to this list?

Point is, if these items have continually shown up on your "This Monday is the day" list, never conquering any of them, then there is a lack somewhere.
You truly WANT to change this pattern, but the resolve isn't there. You give in too quickly to outside pressures or lack the energy to get the job done.  (I am preaching to myself here.) 

The lack inside is a lack of DISCIPLINE. (Yikes...don't you hate that word? Just the sound of it is uncomfortable. I think I hate that word.)

But when we talk about winners, we aren't talking about the winners of Publishers Clearing House. (Of which I am one.  They just need to get better directions to my house.  "He guys, over here!")  The winners we are talking about are the Olympic Medalists. They know what extreme discipline is all about!

We are talking about running the race, finishing the race and even making good time. We're talking about not quitting. We're talking about applying ourselves to the task till the job really gets done! How do we WIN in life? Use discipline. Self-discipline, to be more exact!

The Winner
Ever heard the phrase "all talk--no action"?  Well, let's resolve today that that will not be us! We now are "ACTION HEROES".  That's us. If someone were to observe what we say or do and imitate us...they'd come out very-OK in this life.

So, find out what's the most important thing to you on your "winners list" and take it on with resolve.  A no-quit plan.  You may want to journal your results.  
When it comes to certain things like diets, budgets, and exercise plans keeping records can be very helpful. It keeps you focused. 

Read and listen to motivating material that keeps you on track. That may be a book or web articles related to your topic, or for many of us, spiritual material like the Bible.

Last week Joyce Meyer had two days of absolute wisdom on the topic of discipline that really lit my fire concerning turning some things around in my life.  If you've never heard of Joyce...or perhaps you shy away from tv preachers, I recommend giving her a try. I wrote an article about her incredible life. 

Get familiar with how real she is and then go to her website to listen to her inspiration on self discipline and the doors it can open for you. I think you'll be glad. 
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