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12 October 2011

Organizing Made Fun

This Wonderful Wednesday post celebrates my latest online-find--a lovely organizing blog called "Organizing Made Fun"!

I love how Becky, the organizer, has even organized how we use her blog: she posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (with a specific theme for each day).  I do that, too, but I never thought to TELL you that's what I do! (OK, sometimes the Wednesday post shows up at 11:59 pm but it technically still is Wednesday.)  

Becky's blog is truly organized, inspirational and fun.

Here is an excerpt from her most popular post, "15 Minutes of Cleaning--How to Have a (fake) Immaculate House"  You will absolutely love it!

15 Minutes of Cleaning--How to Have a (fake) Immaculate House Becky from Organizing Made Fun

"Ok...I have lots of friends who are seriously skeptical but I'm telling you, it's TOTALLY possible to keep your house clean with just 15 minutes a day of cleaning!  Really!  I did it for years....when my kids were babies.  It was not possible for me to spend an entire day cleaning.  I must tell you, this doesn't mean if your house is right now a complete pig-stye mess that you can get it cleaned up in 15 minutes.  NOPE!  Nice try....this is a way of MAINTAINING your home with just 15 minutes of CLEANING each day - not picking up or putting away, CLEANING!
Years ago, I was inspired by Emilie Barnes,the author of MANY organizing books.  I can't even tell you exactly which book it was that inspired me.  It may have been Simply Organized or another one I can't even find now!  Anyway...I set up a schedule for myself based on reading something of hers. Here is how I did it {I actually found this schedule from years ago on my computer}:
For just HOW Becky did it, click here to read the rest of her post!

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