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16 November 2011

The How to Mommy

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday where we feature a great website every week and hop some blogs.

This week's featured site is The How To Mommy. I actually came across her site in a link party. Soon as I read the name of her blog, and saw the cute and very expressive logo, I had to check it out. The How To Mommy is Kelli,  a stay-at-home-mom of two adorable little girls, ages 2.5 and 11 months. Kelli undoubtedly is a busy lady!

Kelli gets inspiration from her own experiences and she shares it in the form of what everyone needs... great tips
  • Tips on time management 
  • Tips on super deals & coupons
  • Tips for cooking ... along with many wonderful recipes
  • Tips on reaching optimum health
So, I contacted Kelli to get the scoop on her clever blog.  

Meet Kelli!

First, I asked Kelli just how she started blogging.  She shared that she started it in March of 2011!  I find that impressive. Her blog is very complete and rich in content. A lot to accomplish in just a few months. 

Kelli added, "I got started blogging as a way to make use of my creative side and have something that was just for me--which is not something I have a lot of, as a stay at home mom of two girls."

Kelli's Little Girls
Are these two the cutest, or what!

I totally identified with that. When my son and daughter were little, blogging hadn't been invented yet. I took up sewing and crafts as my outlet. Young moms need a way to express themselves when the demands of life are all about what everybody else needs from them!

Next, I asked what was her favorite blog post. No surprise, there a number of them that she really fancies. 

So, she gave us a pick from every topic she covers regularly:

Finally, since The How to Mommy is about tips, I asked her what her very best tip for the readers would be. She shared, "My favorite tip for moms is to enjoy the craziness of the moment because it is fleeting. Before we know it, our babies will be all grown up!" 

Take a moment and stop by Kelli's blog, The How to Mommy, to take a look and become a follower! Comment and tell her that Ducks 'n a Row sent you. Subscribe to her site to receive every post!  Oh, and are you a facebooker? She has a great Facebook Fanpage.  Like it!
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