Ducks 'n a Row: A Festival of Holiday Wreaths

13 December 2011

A Festival of Holiday Wreaths

By Sinea Pies

Ever go driving with your family to admire the beautiful holiday lights and Christmas decorations? Sometimes you've just got to stop and stare to take it all in; it's all so breathtaking.  

This Wonderful Wednesday we are sharing images from a variety of sites--holiday wreaths for us to admire and enjoy before moving on with our busy days.
Christmas Wreath made by Sinea Pies
I am a great admirer of the talents of so many others who create such lovely crafts, gifts and home decor. It is seldom that I share anything of my own. Why? Because, truly, theirs is so much better. And, I want to offer you the very best here at Ducks 'n a Row.  

All that to say, I like this wreath and I made it.  It came about one year when I had just had it with our decorations! All my stuff was old--really old! Money was scarce and I wasn't going to be buying designer decorations anytime soon. 

So, I fought back. I took a pre-enjoyed green wreath, removed the old wrinkled bows and added these new shiny purple, orange and gold balls all over it. I don't know if I was inspired or simply irritated by the circumstances but when it was done, I liked it--and I felt lots better. Hope you like it, too!

Here are some other great wreaths and links to sites with many more! 

Forest Floor Wreath from Martha Stewart 

All Dressed in Blue by Furniture and Design '09
Pretty as a Peacock--Furniture and Design


Now, back to reality! We've got to get ready. Our days are busy tons of time here! 

Use the quick-links list from Monday's post for easy online shopping!

Photo of gifts by zirconicusso

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