Ducks 'n a Row: Shopper's Fatigue? Help is on the way!

12 December 2011

Shopper's Fatigue? Help is on the way!

By Sinea Pies
Tired of shopping? Or, just tired of THINKING about shopping? Whether your shopping is complete, almost so, or hasn't even started,  mid-December can bring with it a little sigh and a "how will I ever make it through all this and still ENJOY it" weariness.
So much shopping yet to do!
photo credit: Michal Marcol
Pace yourself. Perhaps what you think has to get done doesn't really have to be done at all. Do you truly have to bake every kind of Christmas cookie that your family loves? 
If you'll be visiting households who also bake for the holidays, bake a little less and enjoy theirs! Better yet, give them a call and ask if they'd like to do a cookie swap. (Or, even more daring...don't bake at all! Buy 'em!)

My point is: prioritize and plan so that you really can enjoy the time with family and friends.
So, then, what about all that shopping?  How can you save energy and still have nice things for everyone on your list? 

If your very favorite part of the season is going out to the stores, then do it. Get out there and shop till you're satisfied. 
Shop till you drop!
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But, if you dread the thought of driving there, finding that elusive parking space, squeezing into over-occupied aisles, standing in line waiting patiently for your turn at the cashier and then reversing the process to get home again, then the obvious solution is don't do it!  

You can DIY and make some lovely gifts at home or call for the gifts come to you. Shop online!

At Ducks 'n a Row we have introduced a couple of possibilities of great baby and kid toys that can be ordered online. We also have created several avenues for you to access Amazon on our homepage for you to search for that perfect gift yourself, in the convenience of your own home or office.

Plus, anything that you by from Amazon using the Ducks 'n a Row website blesses me, too. Yes, I earn a humble commission on Amazon purchases made through our site and little bits can add up! Note: they have speedy delivery, so it's not too late! 

If you are a proficient Amazon shopper, you know that you can get access to just about anything from any store imaginable. Prices remain the same--sometimes less. Orders over $25 usually qualify for free shipping, too. My personal experience with Amazon has been that the products come swiftly, in perfect condition. 
So, what do you have left to do?  
Here are some clickable "departments" to help you get started. 

Shopping List To "Click" On 
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