Ducks 'n a Row: Wonderful Wednesday Year in Review

28 December 2011

Wonderful Wednesday Year in Review

We've come to the end of a year and our final Wonderful Wednesday!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a faithful friend of Ducks 'n a Row.
Happy New Year
2012 is going to be GREAT!
Photo by Kitisak
I was thinking about the various topics we've covered this year and was surprised to see what the top 5 posts were ... and how many times they were viewed!

Number One      Simple Summers                       1,322 views
Number Two     How Big Is Your Mountain of Undone Stuff?  939 views
Number Three  How to Speed Clean a Room   698 views
Number Four    Amazing Hallway Organizer     337 views
Number Five     Puppies                                      322 Views

We went from a humble 11 followers in January to today's 84, and growing.
Facebook was even more amazing. 32 fans in January to today's 256!

Our most popular featured site in 2011 for Wonderful Wednesday was, by far, was "The How to Mommy".  
And the most active in responses on our Facebook Fanpage has to be "A Dime at a Time" 87 of their fans became our fans, too!

So, let's hop some blogs! Please share your links in this, our last Blog Hop of the season. Choose anything from your own blog or even your Facebook fanpage. Please visit a few of the other sites and leave a nice comment. Tell 'em that Ducks 'n a Row sent you!
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