Ducks 'n a Row: Centerpieces - The Secret Weapon of an Organized Mom

18 May 2012

Centerpieces - The Secret Weapon of an Organized Mom

Centerpieces are the secret-weapon of an organized mom. Really! They make a statement that says "this table is decorated and off-limits." Try it sometime. 

Clear off a table that otherwise collects clutter and place a stunning centerpiece right in the midst. It dares anyone to mess with the look. You'll have a clutter-free table for days. Switch up the centerpiece once in a while to re-establish authority. Who knows, a clean table could become a family tradition! *More in How to Declutter Your House and Keep It Organized.

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What kind of centerpieces do you like? They can be simple or ornate, depending on your tastes and decor. Here are some centerpiece ideas for you to consider:

Flowers - a fresh bouquet or arrangement of flowers in a decorative vase is a beautiful centerpiece for any dining room, kitchen table or accent table in your hallway.  Artificial plants or flowers can work well, too, just remember to dust them.

Candles - a centerpiece arrangement of candles is an elegant addition to any room. Concerned about fire? Don't light them or, use floating candles or electric candles. Each one is lovely.

Candy - a candy dish on a smaller table can be a centerpiece. You may want to frame the look with candles on either side. Fill it with colorful M&M's or foil wrapped candies. Stash a supply in the cupboard to replenish for your centerpiece will disappear!

Centerpiece of fruit #grapes #baskets #centerpieces #organizing Ducks 'n a Row

Fruit - place a stunning ceramic bowl or graceful wicker basket in the center of your table and fill it with colorful fruit, fresh or artificial. Again, fake fruit needs to be shined up once in a while.
Need a Bowl? Fruit Bowl Ideas

Marbles, Stones or Sea Shells - shiny marbles or colorful stones can make a great centerpiece. Arrange them on a shallow decorative plate or in a clear, glass vase. 

A Simple Sea Shell Centerpiece: For a totally original seashore kind of feel, try making asimple centerpiece.  Start with a cluster of green Hydrangeas inside one hidden vase of water, all set inside a slightly larger glass vase filled with white sand and sea shells.

Fish - yes, you read it right. FISH! Using a clear glass vase with marbles at the bottom, add an underwater plant, water and a dazzling Betta Fish. Kids will love it. Take good care of that fish, though, and kee him alone or your centerpiece will become a crime scene! How to Make a Betta Fish Centerpiece  
Fish bowl centerpiece #centeripieces #betafish #organizing Ducks 'n a Row

Caution: fish are living beings and should be treated with care. This centerpiece is best reserved for a short-term event such as a wedding reception or dinner party. Be nice and transfer him to larger, more fish-friendly environment soon thereafter. 

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What kind of centerpieces do you like? Share your ideas with us! You're welcome to add your links in your comments, as well.

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Photo credits:
  • Gerbera Daisies by Sinea Pies 
  • Beta Fish from Betafish Guru
  • Grapes in a Basket by Tiverylucky on Freedigital Photos

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