Ducks 'n a Row: Chills? Warm Things Up This Winter!

13 January 2012

Chills? Warm Things Up This Winter!

Chills? Shivering cold? Drafty? If this sounds familiar, you've got to be uncomfortable (Did someone say "miserable?") Wintertime can be oh-so cozy if you just make the environment right. Here are some ways that you can warm things up and feel better in the process!
Chills? Bundle Up for the Cold!
Photo credit Stuart Miles

Blankets and Throws: curl up with a good book and a fluffy blanket. There are several styles that are particularly comfy. Plush fleece, high pile (I love this Jungle Theme Blanket for kids), and soft mink (not real mink but very luxurious). 

Corn Bags: these nifty little bean bags are often filled with corn or some kind of grain. Microwave the bag and use it as a heating pad. If you like your feet to be warm at night, slip one in your bed and be cozy warm all night long! (Note: do not over-warm it.)

Bundle Up: when going outdoors in cold climates, dress warm and in layers. Remember your hat/hood, warm coat, insulated gloves or mittens, warm shoes or boots and a scarf

Draft Guard: if you're the thrifty, home improvement type, ending the drafts is on your mind! Get a "draft stopper" for your outside doors. You'll feel the heat staying in and save on your utility bill in the process!

Heating Pads: they come in the standard flat style or for your neck & shoulders but heating pads will do the trick!

Fuzzy Slippers: when your feet are warm enough, the rest of you will feel much warmer as well. Try some fur lined slippers. So soft and your feet will be warm!

Electric Fireplaces Keep You Warm and Glowing!
Glowing Fire: if you have a fireplace in your home, put some logs on and get that thing going. Don't have one? Do you know that the new electric fireplaces are very attractive, with flames that look as if they are a real gas fireplace, and they emit some heat? My daughter has one and it's beautiful.

Space Heater: when used properly, an electric space heater can really take the chill out of a room. Be sure to read the directions and use them properly to avoid accidents or fire.

Hot Coffee!
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Warm that Cup: ah, what a good cup of coffee or some tasty hot chocolate can do on a cold winter's night! I learned this one at my favorite pancake-house restaurant, Perkins: pre-heat your coffee cup before pouring in the coffee. That way your beverage will not lose it's heat. 

Snuggie: along the same line as a cozy blankie, a Snuggie is a blanket that you wear!  They come in blue, pink, camel, camoflage, leopard, zebra and others. You can also get Snuggies for Kids including Princess, Youth NFL and Spiderman Snuggies! (Check out the video below for Snuggies for DOGS!)

Take a Hot Shower: take a long, luxurious bath or shower in very warm water and, after drying off, put on some comfy pj's or sweats to keep the heat in!

Cuddle with Someone You Love: this may be the best idea of all. When you get out that fuzzy blanket and set a roaring fire in the fireplace, cuddle up with your honey.  No honey? Let the dog up on the couch. She'll cuddle with you! :)

And, yes, there are SNUGGIES FOR DOGS!  Yup! Catch a glimpse in this video! (Reading this in an email? Just click on the title to go to the blogpost to see the video.)

How do you stay warm in the winter? Leave a comment below...and share your favorite links as well in your comment or in the Linky Party!

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