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11 January 2012

Living a Luxurious Life at Half the Price -- Posh on a Budget

This week's Wonderful Wednesday highlight is a nifty little website called "Posh on a Budget".  "Little" might not be the right phrase...their Facebook following is over 14,800 fans and growing daily! They're not so little.
Why, you might ask, would so many find this worth following? Posh on a Budget gives you the inside scoop on deals that can spice up your life without spending a fortune to do it! 

We all love pretty things, trendy accessories, neat little gadgets. 
Posh on a Budget tells you just where to find treasures at the right price so that you still have money in your pocket after you buy them!
Fashion Finds
Couponing Tips
Freebies & Giveaways
Savings Galore!
Stop by Posh on a Budget and you'll see what I'm talking about. Subscribe and become a Facebook Fan to keep up on the best of the affordably-best out there. (And, bloggers, they have a list of daily BLOG HOPS as well!)
Speaking of HOPS...enter your latest blog post to our Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop below! Lets start the year making friends and getting subscribers. Be sure to visit some of the sites, add great comments, subcribe and LIKE Fanpages of those you want to visit again and again!

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