18 January 2012

Notebooks -- The Organizing Tool I Won't Do Without! Will you?

By Sinea Pies
Remember when "notebooks" were just notebooks?  They had two covers, a top and a bottom, and paper in between?  Well, though the computer-age has brought us some wonderful tools, including laptops (notebooks), I still love a brand new pad of paper...the cuter or prettier the better!

So, what about you? Have you gone all-technology or are you still drawn to the colorful, quaint or even elegant notebooks on the office-supplies aisle? Do you get excited about a never-been-written-on pad of paper, fresh from the shelf? Me too!
Notebooks for Every Occasion
Photo credit: Business Wife & Life
There is something to be said about notebooks...the paper kind. They are inexpensive compared to their electronic counterparts. If you get bored with one, just buy another one with a new look! And, depending on the contents, you can leave them lying around without too much concern that someone will take it!

Ecosystem's Colorful Notebooks 

Their value? Priceless! Notebooks are a time management, organizing tool that can be a key to success. Use them for reminders, lists, schedules, deep thinking, ideas, even BRILLIANT ideas. 

Styles? Spiral, spiral with dividers, top-spiral steno style, side spiral, adhesive bound, hard cover (journals), large, medium, small, micro-mini. And they come with covers that are uniquely different as we are! One for every taste.

HEY, TEACHERS: have you yet discovered the MAGNETIC NOTEBOOK PAPER that attaches to a white board? So cool!

And, Do-It-Yourself-ers? Here are some beautiful DIY Notebooks that you will love on Serenity You.

Do you use paper notebooks? What kind do you like? What is your favorite use?

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