Ducks 'n a Row: Post It Notes -- Those Nifty Little Gadgets

26 January 2012

Post It Notes -- Those Nifty Little Gadgets

By Sinea Pies

Don't you just love alternate uses for everyday items? Like using a coffee filter as a popcorn bowl. We did that all the time at the office, before mini-microwave popcorn was invented.

Well, how about Post-It®'s? Whatever would we do without them? WISH I HAD INVENTED THEM! Who DID invent them?  
Previously only available in light yellow 3 inch by 3 inch pads, they now come in just about every size, shape and color imaginable. So, let's repurpose them a little bit. Put your thinking caps on!
Photo: twobee
How about these?
  1. Bookmarks: stickies are so easy to just pop in wherever you left off! Use them in magazines, too. Label the ends to help you find that favorite recipe or best article.
  2. Cable Tags: before removing the cables from your computer or other electronics, label where they go! Makes life so much easier when you put things back together again. Just write where it came from and then wrap it around the cord.
  3. Clean Your Computer Keyboard: use the sticky side of the post-it to swipe through the rows of keys, grabbing lint and crumbs along the way.
  4. Computer Desktop: this can mean one of two things. Either literally stick a note to the computer screen or download software that allows you to put stickies on the desktop electronically. I love mine! Software: TK8 Sticky Notes* (Not an endorsement of a specific product, just an example.) 
  5. Flags a Stack of Papers: use sticky notes as index tabs. If I don't have the micro-minis on hand, I just cut the next size up in half! Waste not, want not.
  6. Labels: label food in the refrigerator to identify contents, when it was first made and who can eat it (or not).
  7. Storyboarding: use stickies on a white board at a planning meeting. (Sure, you could use dry erase markers or a smart board but this is about STICKIES!) 
  8. Unique Reminders: Post-It® notes are great for reminders. Put them on your mirror for first thing in the morning or on the dashboard of your car. You'll never pull out leaving your lunch behind again.
What uses for Post-It® notes can you think of? 
 Re-purposing Masterpiece

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