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27 February 2012

Daily Routines

Daily routines--don't they feel good? Yes they do! Daily routines are essential to our overall productivity but not every day is going to be a perfect fit. "Things" have a habit of happening and can get in the way of a perfect plan.

What time of day is your best time of day? Mine is a mixed bag. I love to write at night but I don't like to clean at night. I do the household chores best earlier in the day.

Do you compartmentalize? Home routine, work routine, separate routine for kids or pets...or is yours a lifestyle where you can blend your routines as the day goes on? 

My former daily routine fit so nice and snug. 
  • First, walk the dog. 
  • Go to there from 9 to 5. 
  • Back in the door? Check the mail. 
  • Dog: potty and food.
  • Make dinner. 
  • Eat with the fam. 
  • Get a little light housekeeping done afterward (throw in a load of laundry and clean up the kitchen)
  • Watch TV, get things ready for the next day, go to bed.
Grocery shopping was always done on Saturdays. Church and a nice nap with hubby on Sundays.

That's it, honey! We'll teach the dogs to walk themselves! :) 
Then, "life" happened. Husband's job went-away and he got sick, too. Full-time work no longer was a consideration.

My job changed, too,  and another $7k per year went out the window. That's when I started writing. I LOVE writing and am so grateful for it but it is a second job which takes time and energy.

To add to it, both our moms died in one year and my dad became sick. All of these things put a major demand on time, emotions and routine. So, what's a girl to do? Get flexible real fast, that's what!

I'm still feeling my way through establishing some kind of routine that "works". I've been experimenting with grocery shopping on my way home from work on Friday nights and doing take-out for dinner. Not the healthiest or cheapest meal plan but it is a time-saver and I love not shopping on the weekend.  

Less things are getting done in the fashion that I prefer but sometimes you have to look at the higher priorities. 

Like yesterday afternoon. Normally Saturday afternoons are writing-time for me. But yesterday was my great-granddaughter Madalyn's 5th birthday. That was a much higher priority. So, I went to her party and swept everything else aside to be done at another time. Unfortunately, that other time became Sunday, done along with housework, grocery shopping (Friday night didn't work this week) and getting our tax info together for our appointment--so, ouch, church got squeezed out. Note to self: gotta do this better!

Daily Routines: So, how about you?  Are you a morning person? Evening? What kind of routine works best for you?  Better yet, what ISN'T working? Let's brainstorm and come up with some ideas!

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