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22 February 2012

E-book for Bloggers and Blog Hop

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The E-book: This new e-book is for anyone building an online business...especially bloggers. It is called "YOUR BLOGGING BUSINESS ...Tax Tips from a Bookkeeper Turned Blogger" written by Nikki Hughes. 
Its 87 pages include:
Section I: The tax side of things
  • Do you need to file a tax return?
  • Understanding income and deductions
  • Business vs. Personal
  • Expense vs. Asset
  • Home Office and “Business Use of Home”
  • How to calculate your “Business Use of Home”
  • A word on estimated tax payments and calculations
Section II: The bookkeeping side of things
  • Introduction to bookkeeping
  • You know what you need to track so how do you track it?
Section III: The tax-prep side of things
  • How to file your return
Section IV: Behind the scenes
  • About the Author
  • Special Thanks (Behind the Book)
  • Disclaimer &Disclosure
Section V: Resources
  • Continuing Education for bloggers
  • Professional Activity Codes (Sch C)
  • Sample reports, forms and instructions
And all of this for a mere 
That's it! 
I bought my copy the day I first saw it. 
Get yours right here!

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