Ducks 'n a Row: How To Read A Magazine

06 February 2012

How To Read A Magazine

By Sinea Pies

How to read a magazine? Are you kidding? Everyone knows how to read a magazine, right?  Yes, of course we do. But, how do we read a magazine when we don't have time to do it? And how do we keep them from piling up all over the place?

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love magazines and buy them--only to have little or no time to look at them. You'd think we'd stop buying them but we don't...we buy them anyway.

So, here is how to read a magazine when you don't have TIME to read a magazine:

Arm yourself with: 

  • First, check out the magazine cover. Is there a feature article that caught your attention? Look it up in the index and go for it. Read it thoroughly or go for the highlights.Take a good look at the photos--the photos are half of why we buy magazines, aren't they? Enjoy them!
  • Now, get out your post-its. If you liked the article enough to want to find it again, tag that page with a little bit of the edge of the note sticking out. Write something on the end of the post-it so that you'll remember WHY you tagged it. Months from now, you'll be able to find it.
  • Look for the treasures. Much of my interest in magazines is that I'm looking for new tips. There are so many great articles with organizing ideas, recipes, crafts projects and how-tos. But I was finding that my magazines were being ignored, stacked up and finally thrown away. That's why I developed this system.
  • Tag! My pages are tagged with notes that say "recipe", "buy", "organizing tip", "dogs", "decorating", "entertaining", "school"...stuff like that.  At first, I used an Excel spreadsheet to record what issues this valuable information was in but it was getting away from me so I made it very simple: tag the pages and done!
  • Why scissors? Some magazines include great coupons and recipe pages. Clip them soon as you find them. (Before clipping, though, check the other side. Don't mess up an important article. If you do, patch job! Get out the scotch tape! LOL.)                    
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