Ducks 'n a Row: Wednesday Blog Hop and Special Links

15 February 2012

Wednesday Blog Hop and Special Links

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Blog Spotlight: from a linky party of one of my favorite sites, Nifty Thrifty Things.
When bloggers participate in blog hops or link parties, we love to share links to our most recent posts and hope that others will enjoy them, too.  
However, many of us don't actually take a look each others' posts. Some of the link lists are très-long (French for "VEEERY Long") and we feel good if we visit one or two. Sometimes that doesn't happen at all. We "link and run"!

So, to correct some of my own blog-hop failures, I decided to take a good look through the beautiful links I was seeing on Nifty Thrifty Things and feature three sites that I particularly fancied.  
Here they are: View from Carol Ann's Camera, Sew in the City and Talking Dollars and Cents.
View from Carol Anns Camera
Simply Elegant!
Photo source:  
Carol Anns Camera is an elegant website. The gorgeous photography is true "eye candy". A breath of fresh air for the soul. Take a moment to stop by and enjoy the view! The post that she shared on Sunday is entitled "Color Personality".

Sew in the City
Photo: Summer Dress in February 

How can you resist this? What a professional, crisp summery dress and what great colors! I had to click on the link and loved everything I saw. 

It's been years since I've done any significant sewing but I had to join this site anyway! I want to see what she's going to make next! Sew in the City doesn't stay exclusively with sewing projects, btw. She also has some great craft and recipe posts. Stop by and take a look!

I was really craving sweets when I saw this and I LOVE lemon squares! This picture looks so delicious, doesn't it?

 Talking Dollars and Cents is a great site dedicated to sharing wisdom on saving money, attaining financial freedom, great recipes and link parties, too! 
Stop by and check them out!
Be sure to visit Nifty Thrifty Things, as well.

Join our Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop below.
Rules: add your family friendly link and visit at least one other site. Leave a nice comment and if you really like what you see, follow them and subscribe!

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