16 March 2012

Home Office

By Sinea Pies

What does your work space look like? Not the kitchen or laundry room, mind you. We're talking about the place where you do your paperwork, pay your bills, plan the schedule. That place. 
Photo by nuttakit on freedigitalphotos.net
Some of us are blessed to have an office at home. Others use the kitchen table, a corner of a bedroom or some other creative little nook where they can get some things done.

Mine? I was wondering what was happening with mine. Something was seriously wrong. Why couldn't I keep it neat? Papers, magazines, office supplies would quickly fill up the desk top and soon there was no desktop

Took me a while but I finally figured it out. My "desk" only has a top...a white kitchen counter top that my son-in-law built into a really nice work space for me. It's wonderful, with one big drawback -- no drawers! I was trying to get by with desk organizers for everything and it just wasn't working. 
This solution is not beautiful but it is totally neat and functional. The underside of my "desk" is not visible from the doorway, anyway, so visually it is no problem. 

More can be done but these drawers have helped so much!
What I did was I bought a very practical set of Sterlite plastic drawers. The unit is on casters...comes with four or five drawers ...and it fits perfectly under the counter. Organizing it was a dream come true and my desktop has now been cleared. Yipee!

How do you organize your work space? 

Below: Isn't this CLOSET OFFICE pretty? For most of us it is a struggle to give up valuable closet space but this closet-office is very cool. (I think I'll go throw some stuff away right now and when I get to the bottom of it all,  I can have a pretty closet office, too! ) 

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