Ducks 'n a Row: Menu Planning

19 March 2012

Menu Planning

By Sinea Pies

Field Greens for Salad
Menu planning can be fun or exasperating, depending on your point of view.
Fun, if you have time and are in the mood to express your creativity through the food you serve. 
Exasperating, if time and money are not on your side. 
So, how can you effectively create a weekly menu with enough diversity to have a happy, satisfied family and not break the bank? Plan with time and money in mind!

Time:  identify which days allow for a meal that is more elaborate in the making and which days are going to be “hit the pavement and run”.  You know those days.  Evening classes for you, sports or music lessons for the kids, PTA meetings. Those are the times that quick meals are a necessity.

Money: it may be necessary to make every meal the cheapest but if you can at least work in one “nice” meal, maybe on Sunday, it provides the comfort that the other light-weight or repetitive meals may not.  Grilled cheese and soup is great once a week but not 7-days a week!

Tip: reuse ingredients. By that I mean, buy a big pack and split it to use a couple of nights in a row. In the plan below, half a big-pack of ground beef will be used for Little Cheddar Burgers and half for Baked Lasagna. Big packs are cheaper per pound.

Here is this week’s Menu Plan from Ducks ‘n a Row. 

What are your menu planning secrets? Please share.

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