Ducks 'n a Row: Serenity You and a Great Blog Hop, Too!

14 March 2012

Serenity You and a Great Blog Hop, Too!

This week's featured site belongs to Natasha Mairs from UK, who generously shared three posts with us in last week's Blog Hop. The blog is called Serenity You. Check out her how-to on make Cute Yarn Letters for a child's bedroom wall.

Busy Bags from Serenity You

Natasha's post on Busy Bags for little tykes is what first got my attention. What a nifty idea. 

I remember the days when I really needed to get some things done in the house (like sewing) and my four year old son, Josh, was right in there wanting to be in on it. Needles and four year olds are bad! If I'd had Busy Bags ready in the wings, I think I might have been able to sew when he was awake. As it was, for safety's sake, I had to wait to do my sewing until after he was in bed for the night.
Yellow Lab after a long night of play.
Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons
Even now, when I have a long night of writing ahead and my yellow lab Lexi wants me all to herself, I have a stash of dog toys to distract her and wear her out. Same concept. Doggie busy bags! LOL

So, do you have something to share with us this week? Please do!
Dazzle us with your ingenuity, haute cuisine, something cute, creative, funny, inspiring. Whatever you'd like.
Share your links below!
Who knows...your blog might become next week's feature!

If you host blog hops and link parties on your site, share where & when in the comments. 
We'll stop by!

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