Ducks 'n a Row: DIY Inspiration by Wilma

04 April 2012

DIY Inspiration by Wilma

Wilma is a "DIY fashionista" with a flare for the dramatic. Her blog called "By Wilma" is our featured blog of the week on this Wonderful Wednesday

Easter is right around the corner. You'll definitely want to take a look at her Decoupage Easter Egg tutorial. Isn't it just beautiful? Who thinks these things up, anyway?  Should you decide to step into the daring and try it, send us the link to a photo of your creation, OK?  

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Oh yes...don't forget that this MONDAY starts our 15 Day, 15 Minute Organizing Challenge.
What to have on hand? Garbage bags, a kitchen timer and Ducks 'n a Row!
See you there!

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