Ducks 'n a Row: In The Midst of a Mess

20 April 2012

In The Midst of a Mess

Guest post by Kristen Campbell of The Road to Domestication.  

I meet regularly with a particular business associate and, though the meetings are filled with creative ideas and inspiring conversations, I often dread them. Why? Because it all happens in the midst of a mess.

Now, it has been said that “a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind”…and I’m inclined to agree with that, to a certain extent. But has it EVER been said that “a clean desk is a sign of a stale consciousness”? I don’t think so and I wouldn’t believe that for a moment.

What a mess!

Here’s the thing: how can you be productive, and unleash all of your creativity to make a positive difference in the world, when you can’t even find a pen to write yourself a reminder? Moreover, find a clean sheet of paper to write the remin
der on? Even worse, a much needed flat space on the desk is missing! You know, that place on which you will put that piece of paper to write?

Whether it’s a small space on your kitchen counter, a cubby under your stairs,
 a home study or a corner office with a view of downtown, there MUST be some form of organization if you are to ever thrive in your environment.

Neat work space promotes creativity!

So here’s a simple task for today.

Make stacks.

That’s all! Make stacks! Three stacks, to be exact. You can make three stacks!

Stack #1: Garbage  And don’t say that everything you have is important and can’t be thrown away…that’s a whole different post! I guarantee that you will find at least 3 things to put into your garbage stack!

Stack #2: Action Whether it is a bill to be paid, a paper to grade, software to return or a picture to hang on the fridge, it requires action. Don’t go DO it…just put it in the stack.

Stack #3: File  To keep yourself from having to continually work in the mess, some things will simply need to be put away. Again, don’t DO it right this minute…just put it in the stack.

Hey, guess what? You’ve just made sense of the mess! Shred your garbage stack, and come back tomorrow! When you return, file a few papers and take action on a few items.

If something new arises, add it to one of your stacks! Before you know it, your work area will be wide open and even more conducive to creative genius.

Try it. It’ll work. I promise!

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