Ducks 'n a Row: Organizing Lady "Comes Clean"

09 April 2012

Organizing Lady "Comes Clean"

The 15 Day, 15 Minute Organizing Challenge starts TODAY!

First may I start on a positive note? This is what my dining room table looks like right now. The flowers and foil wrapped candy are it. The rest of the table?   Totally bare. Neat and organized. Ah...pretty!

Now, the "why" of this organizing challenge!
This is a personal confession.
Chaos and clutter have taken over my house!!!
Yes, there are reasons. Though the weather where I live has been very mild this winter, it's been a "sick winter" for me. 
Out of 8 consecutive weekends, I was sick for six. Two colds, the yucky stomach flu and two weeks of bronchitis. 

Since I have a day-job, weekends are my best and almost only chance to get anything done. Though I wasn't at all well, I did get simple chores done (kind of) but there was no way that was I going to keep clutter at bay. I'd grocery shop, put the frozen and perishable foods away and the canned and paper goods stayed in their sacks in the "pantry" room. What I urgently needed was SLEEP and for good health to that was my focus. Everything else went on hold.

Then there was the first "well weekend" after bronchitis but I couldn't be at home. Instead, I was helping my family clean out my dad's house to get it ready for sale. Time is of the essence and it was "all-hands-on-deck".
Six hours and 18 bags of donations to Good Will later, the little energy I had left was used to eat dinner (take-out), chill in front of the TV with my hubby and go to bed. 
Another non-cleaning weekend and the evil clutter continued to grow.
And THIS is what happened!
Yikes! What a mess!
So this is the room I am going to tackle in the Organizing Challenge.
It is a room that I use for a pantry and an overflow room for cupboard space that I do not have.  
The 15 Day, 15 Minute Organizing Challenge
is for
How about you? Will you join me? Let's have fun and tackle it together.
First, pick a room or storage area that is in deep organizational need. This should be a place that may NEVER get done if you don't deliberately plan to do it. Other rooms may also need help but work on space that often gets skipped.
The Rules
The rules are easy and designed to give us success that will build momentum to do more!
During the next 3 weeks, declutter that room at for least 
15 days just 15 minutes per day. That's it!
You may want to do 5 days per week KNOWING that some days may not happen but you are welcome to do 15 days consecutively.
The Tools
  • Two empty trash bags, one empty laundry basket and your kitchen timer.
  • Wear SNEAKERS or tie-shoes so that you don't get hurt when you step on something (this is a practical safety-issue if your room looks like the one I'm cleaning).
How to
Use ONE trash bag for garbage.
One trash bag for donating or giving away.
And a laundry basket to cart away items that don't belong in that room.

Set your timer for 15 minutes.
Now, as quickly as possible, SORT!
Do not get hung up on "what if I need this someday?" If you haven't used it in a year or two, you probably won't miss it at all.  Bless someone else with it or throw it away.
When the timer rings, STOP.  
Stop right in your tracks. 
Tomorrow is another day.
Teamwork: let's check in with each other at the comment section or on Facebook and share the journey. Have friends who would like to join us? Send them the link right away so that we can all start together.
What room will you do?
Are you aiming for 15 days in a row or another plan?
Got any words of wisdom to help us on the way?

Stop by on Facebook Tuesday for a tip and our first update!

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