Ducks 'n a Row: Home Improvement...a miracle in the making!

24 May 2012

Home Improvement...a miracle in the making!

By Sinea Pies
So...I almost thought this day would never come but, finally, after 20-something years my dream is coming true! I love pretty things but I've never been much for spending money on new things for my home, or on myself for that matter, if what I have is still in good shape. When we first bought our house it was really nice. 

That was 1984.  But, over time the house began to deteriorate... and everything else in our lives was in a similar sad condition. Finances, all was one big barren place. My kids were my blessing...the lights of my life...but everything else was difficult and a faith-stand. To put it simply, nothing was right.

The house? For lack of finances or know-how, my solution to fix broken things was DUCT TAPE and glue! The tiles were falling off the walls in our master bathroom and I was literally taping them back up, through tears! I'd pray as I go, trying to stay thankful. After all, there were people who didn't own a  bathroom. I needed to keep my attitude in check.

But how do you clean a duct-taped bathroom? You really don't. I couldn't think of anything else to use to repair it, nor could I afford to have someone do it for me. 

Eventually, the siding on the house started to break and fall off, too. The lawn began to die. Things were getting serious around here. Embarrassingly serious.

Decaying Ceiling Over The Front Porch
Not to sound goofy or anything, but in the midst of all that God gave me a big promise.  He said that someday my land would "blossom like the Garden of Eden"* and that everyone who shook their heads saying "that place is really falling apart, why don't they DO something about it" would see the miraculous change and know it had to be God!  

Interesting thing, other people who didn't even know me and had never seen my house were telling me that He was saying the same thing, too. I knew it was true but why was it taking so long? Do you know how LONG I've waited for this?  Can't say for sure but I think it was 1990 when He first said it! Now it's 2012! It felt like an endless seige over those years.

I may never know why it took this long but all I can say is "it's here"!  My land is blossoming, step by step.  New siding, a new fence (I've always wanted one for my dogs), new enlarged kitchen, colorful new paint on my walls (they'd been an unimaginative white-ish forever), some new carpeting and even a sweet pastel yellow playroom for the little ones in my family. Room by room it is becoming new and pretty again!

Now, here's the interesting part...while miracles are in progress, chaos ensues!  That may not be a Biblical principal but it's just what I am experiencing. STRESS is HIGH!  Our house is all ripped up and we have no place to put anything. Soon we won't even have a kitchen while it is being updated. Fun, exciting and yucky --- all at the same time. As the miracle unfolds, though, I am ever soooo grateful.  

This is one of the reasons I've needed help with posts.  Time to write is hard to come by in the midst of this. 

Thanks to all who have written such great guest posts for me...still eagerly accepting new submissions: Help Wanted...Writers!

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.  Thanks to all those in the military and their families who have sacrificed so much for our freedom!

A couple more vivid "before" pictures:
Disgusting Downstairs Shower
This did get much better using a great enzyme product called Moldzyme but still...yuck!
The shower stall is so old and the faucets have been repaired so many times they are now beyond repair.
It needs to go!
Closeup of the Porch Ceiling.  
Bees loved it but they cannot live here anymore!

"Dogs in Dirt!"
Yes, this USED to be a beautiful flower garden, years ago, but time took its toll and now it's a mini-desert.
Our yellow labs still like it for napping but my sweeties lack discernment! :) 

Check out the front porch. All broken up. That, plus a dangerously out-of-alignment front sidewalk, demand attention as well.

Click here: Introducing Our New Patio

So here is a pic of the beginning stages of transformation...
My son-in-law, Steve, is an expert home builder. 

He is siding the house for us....and more!
Clean, neat, pretty and NEW!

So, what miracle are YOU waiting for?
Let me encourage you, don't give up.'

*"They will say, 'This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Eden; the cities that were lying in ruins, desolate and destroyed, are now fortified and inhabited.' Ezekiel 36:35"
Much love,

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