Ducks 'n a Row: "NO Kind of Menu" Plan

07 May 2012

"NO Kind of Menu" Plan

You know, I just love you guys.You put up with me when I'm challenged and yet you still let me challenge you. That's friendship!

I've got to tell you, I was just preparing my Friday night grocery shopping list* and started to chuckle as I saw what my menu plan for the week looks like!  It's the Anti-Menu! It includes THREE nights of take-out! This is a good case of "do as I say, not as I do". I would never recommend take-out three nights in a week, bad for the budget as well as the waistline, but this week this is how it's looking!
My Menu Plan:

Now...for my "reasons" (excuses)
This weekend is my niece's baby shower (It's a girl!) and I am helping to prepare it on Saturday, as well as attending it on Sunday. I won't be home much so grilling each night makes sense.  

Tuesday night we are having a friend come for dinner. He is an amazing painting contractor and is going to talk over what we want to do with painting the interior of our house. (We are renovating and decorating in a big way and I want to try something a little bit daring...I need expert advice!)

That night I will be zooming home from work without enough time to prepare dinner. So, Chinese it will be!  

Wednesday nights I don't come home in time for dinner. Instead, I go to this awesome "how to get out of debt and build a BIG nest egg class" called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. I go straight to class from work so Wednesday night dinner is whatever we each can think of at the time. 

Friday? Cooking is just yucky on Fridays. LONG, grocery shopping on Friday nights. I really have a hard time talking myself into cooking on Fridays. 

*Why do I shop on Friday nights if I'm that tired? To get a little more weekend time at home. It's working.  In addition, I've  switched to attending the 12:45pm Sunday service at church which gives me two mornings in a row that I don't have to be anywhere when I first wake up. Yay! It's almost like getting a vacation. (almost!)

So...there are my excuses. Linking up with Menu Plan Monday on one of my favorite websites "I'm an Organizing Junkie".

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