Ducks 'n a Row: My Dog Needs a Dog

21 June 2012

My Dog Needs a Dog

By Sinea Pies 

Our nest "emptied" a couple of weeks ago when our youngest son moved out on his own. With him went his dog, Troy. Troy and our dog, Lexi, have been constant companions for years and it's way too quiet around here with both boy and dog gone. 
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We don't want to overreact to change but I really do think we need another dog for all of us, especially Lexi. She spends most of her time sleeping, these days, instead of happily barking out the window with Troy. (Troy likes to let everyone know their boundaries!) 
Yellow Lab
But what kind of dog should we get? We've had three wonderful Yellow Labs--Blondie, Lexi and Troy--and another lab named Cooper used to come over to visit often. I'm thinking another lab would be right since we know and love their personalities. But there are so many other kinds to consider.  

A Welsh Corgi The Queen has Corgis. (They are so cute -- they are herding dogs and will try to herd anything. Ducky's mom on NCIS also had Corgis, too...lots of them.) 
Welsh Corgi
Queen Elizabeth LOVES Corgis
Bulldogs are also cute but very expensive. A dog expert friend of mine, Amy, says that the one we'll want will go for over $4000.00. I love dogs but no way am I spending that much to get one. 
English Bull Dog
One thing we've realized that we cannot do is have a puppy. We had one visit for a couple of days recently and it was way too much to keep up with him. Murphy is as a button but, sorry, we'll let the kids raise the puppies and stick with grown up dogs! Gotta say, though, lab puppies are the cutest!

What do you think? Should we get Lexi a dog?  What would you recommend?

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