Ducks 'n a Row: It's Official...GREEN!

31 July 2012

It's Official...GREEN!

As you can see by our header, the official Ducks 'n a Row logo color is GREEN.
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Welcome to the new Ducks 'n a Row

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our poll. It truly did help. Your many comments and emails with the "whys" for your votes were insightful and fun. 

I was very torn between blue and green and the poll confirmed that it had to be one or the other. Gray definitely had few takers..."blah" was the feedback on gray. 

Here are just some of the wonderful comments received:

  • Judith (color expert in decor, makeup, fashion) wouldn't commit. She said "blue is not just blue. What hue are we talking about?"
  • Nan, Mary and Marie all gave the opinion that "green is warmer, softer, friendlier". Marie added that the blue was so "in your face" that she might not have stayed on the page if it were royal blue. (She is a lady who knows what she likes -- and what she doesn't.) 
  • Charla loved the blue and commented that ducks do swim in blue water! True. So true. 
  • Patrice agreed. She found the blue to be more vivid, outstanding.
  • Becky, a "green fan" picked up on the fact that there was a hint of green in the corner where the flowers are. Very astute. 
  • Ray suggested "Hippos in a Row" so his vote didn't count! LOL! (Thanks Ray! I really laughed when I read that one!)
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