Ducks 'n a Row: Monday Moms Mingle Fun

23 July 2012

Monday Moms Mingle Fun

I promised my faithful Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop contributors that I wouldn't forget you this summer, and I haven't!

It's Monday but this hop is SO good that I wanted you to be able to get in on it.  It is Julie's "Monday Moms Mingle" and there are many, many active bloggers participating.  

Please be sure to follow the four hostesses listed in the hop.  They promise to follow you back.  Stop and visit some of the great blogs out there and make your presence known by leaving a nice comment.  Check out some of their posts. They are really great. 

Just click the button below and it will take you right through but don't leave until you've read the rest of this post! :)

getting a new look!  
Be looking for it.  
It should be up this week!

How's your summer going? Can't believe we're rounding up to the end of July already. I'm just starting to get in the groove of being a FULL TIME writer! Wow! Some recent posts are linked below. Many more to come.
Keep in touch, OK?


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