Ducks 'n a Row: Laundry Piling Up? Organize It Today!

27 August 2012

Laundry Piling Up? Organize It Today!

By Sinea Pies

Are you busy?  Unbelievably busy?  Busy people’s lives can cross the fine line between order and chaos in no time.  

If you are tightly scheduled, it doesn't take much to tip the scales to the messy side of life!  An interruption of your regular schedule, such as a bout of illness or having your car in the shop, can do it. 

There are a couple of areas in a home that become cluttered faster-than-fast, if you don’t keep on top of them.  One is the kitchen and the other is the laundry.  
When life is on track, you can easily keep up with it.  Off track?  It all piles up.

So, what do you do to dig out from under piles of laundry to regain peace and order?  Make a decision that you can do it. Create a strategy and then follow through.

Will you take it on in one day, one weekend or a whole week?

You can multi-task other projects at the same time but you MUST:
  • Wash a load
  • Dry it
  • Fold it
  • Move it …to it’s destination
  • Put it all away. 
Be Consistent:
Whether you will do it all at once or over a period of days, stick with the plan.

After you’ve made it all the way through, continue this good habit every couple of days so that you don’t get behind again.  If life takes over, and sometimes it will, you’ve succeeded in the laundry room once before and you can do it again.

Your Tools:
The right tools make a job so much easier. How to you handle your laundry?
Do you use laundry hampers, laundry baskets, or both?  How many laundry baskets do you use for the process? If you are using them exclusively, at least three would be the most efficient.  

1. One to put the dirty clothes in. 
2. A second empty one to replace that full one of dirty clothes that just left the bedroom.  
3. And a third to put clean clothes in after they come out of the dryer.  
laundry organizer that fits right between your dryer and washer!  Sweet! 

What's your system? Got any laundry tips? Do you have a favorite laundry product that you use? We'd love to hear your ideas! 
Please share in the comments portion below!

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Photo Credit: Is My Laundry Following Me Again? Devoradesign
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